for the Russian Diagnostic Summit is available on web-sites of the VIII Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine and MRB Annual Conference. This is why it is necessary to identify yourself. 

If your specialization is as follows:

anesthesiology and intensive-care medicine, bacteriology, virology, medical genetics, immunology and allergology, infectious diseases, clinical laboratory diagnostics, laboratory genetics, laboratory diagnostics (CO), laboratory science (CO), medical biophysics, medical biochemistry, medical cybernetics, medical microbiology, epidemiology, or any specialization allied to the above, the program of the Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine (RCLM) will be useful and interesting to you! Please find all RCLM news and sign up for the event on the website

information technology, artificial intelligence, classical radiology, CT and MRI, mammography and other breast examinations, pathological anatomy, radiation safety, X-ray laboratory science, X-ray endovascular surgery, nursing, ultrasound diagnostics, functional diagnostics, nuclear medicine or any specialization allied to the above, please find more news and sign up on the website of the MRB Annual Conference.

Free and uniform registration for the entire Summit. Thus, everyone who has applied for participation in one of the events will have access to any and all events and activities of the Russian Diagnostic Summit. 

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9 Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine: registration


MRB 6 Annual Conference "Radiation Diagnostics: Interdisciplinary Interaction": registration