Mobile app
The release of the mobile application for the Russian Diagnostic Summit 2023 is scheduled for August. We will provide instructions on how to install it soon. 

Why install it?
  1. To study the complete program with all halls, speakers, and presentations (to easily navigate on-site)
  2. To create a personal schedule by adding sessions to favorites (to not miss anything)
  3. To quickly check where and when a particular speaker is presenting (to not memorize the composition of all sessions)
  4. To ask questions during sessions (without running to the microphone)
  5. To participate in interactive polls and voting (instead of peeking at neighbors' screens)
  6. To see all the participants of the "Diagnopolis" exhibition (to know exactly which stand to visit)
  7. To stay up-to-date on all interesting activities, giveaways, and announcements (to not ask everyone: "Where did you hear about this?")