CME points
How to get CME scores
The programs of the MRB Annual Conference, VII Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine and VIII International Forum MIR-2021 “Management in Medicine”  have been submitted for accreditation by the Continuing Medical Education Development Coordinating Council of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Please find more details and information on how to get the CME credits by specialization:

on the VII Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine web-site
clinical laboratory diagnostics, laboratory genetics, laboratory diagnostics (CO), laboratory science (CO), medical biophysics, medical biochemistry, medical cybernetics, medical microbiology, epidemiology, and allied specializations

on the MRB Annual Conference web-site
information technology, artificial intelligence, classical radiology, CT and MRI, mammography and other breast examinations, pathological anatomy, radiation safety, X-ray laboratory science, X-ray endovascular surgery, nursing, ultrasound diagnostics, functional diagnostics, nuclear medicine and allied specializations

VII Russian Congress of Laboratory Medicine. All about CME scores

CME scores at the MRB Annual Conference "Radiation Diagnostics: Interdisciplinary Interaction"